Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Pigs Arrive

Good Day all - I am Pig 1...  I came from the farm just over the hill.  I am a Crossbreed.  Farmer Boy and his Mom came to my farm first. They talk a LOT!!  Farmer Boy got in the pen with us, and we chased him. We tried to eat him. He moved way to fast.

He and his Dad came back later with a white thing, and they put me in it - and drove me to their place:

The gate was opened.... and Out I ran... Look!!! Dirt!!!  Hmmmm this could be fun. At my old house.... there wasn't any of this good stuff!!

Check out that HUGE pig!  He has a funny nose, and he keeps lookin' at me.... Glad he can't get in to MY dirt!

Good Afternoon - I am Pig 2 !  I am a Chester White pig, and I don't have to share my crate with ANYONE... it was cool!

Farmer Boy and his mom lifted my crate into another home. I was a little scared. This brown stuff didn't exist in my old house. I wonder if it is safe?

Ahhhh My house is rising.... I guess I will get out and explore.

Ahh!!! A HUGE pig!! A strange looking pig!! I am glad he can't get too close to me !!

Oh look - there is another pig in my pen. We will be great friends! And we will keep that Huge Pig out of our area. We will gang up against him!!  Look! We speak the same language.

And we will share water and food, and we will be friends.  Hey wait! He is getting more of the water than I am!!! Mooooommmmm he's drinking my water!!

Oh Look!!! Our Barn.  Pig 1 and I have a nice warm barn to be in. This is good. I hear there is more snow coming!! We pigs are anti-snow!!
Hope you all enjoyed meeting us! We are going to be great friends - I can already tell.


Terri said...

Oink, oink! Twice the fun.

Sherrill said...

So now there are TWO pigs! How come? And what happened to pig from last year? Is the new white one going to need sunscreen like last year's pig needed? So many questions!! HA

TLC said...

Squealing with delight here. So happy to meet you!
The new header is 2 thumbs up.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm anti-snow too piggies. I hope we're done with it here in NE until next winter.

swooze said...

Awwwwwwesome! You picked the brown and white one I liked! Cute cute!!

Tami C said...

What cute little piggies! Most of us are anti-snow as well!

Kevin the Quilter said...

These pigs are too cute! I want one now!