Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quilts of Valor for today

I have to tell you its a little quiet around here, and that is unsettling.... usually I have the background noise of my children, and they are all out playing before school starts... A weird feeling!

This dear sweet Warrior is wrapped in a signature string quilt. I was honored to let her choose a Quilt of Valor, and she chose this one. As soon as I wrapped her in it, she got goosebumps and tears in her eyes. She said I NEVER cry.... but I really can feel all these people care about me!!

And this is why I sit at fairs and craft shows, and take blocks with me to guilds - to let them know!

The first quilt in today's quilt show comes from Jessie In LA
This is her 6th quilt in her 12 quilt challenge. I am very impressed!!
Plus its beautiful!

Check out this quilting!! It fits the quilt so very well!!

These next four quilts are from Meredith in Arizona! I sure hope she is able to find some great quilt shops where she moved!! I love her fabrics!! ... and Quilts!!!

This one will definitely make a soldier smile!!

Don't you love the tumbler?  

The black setting is great. If you click on the picture I think you can see a close up of the quilting. Ron O in New Mexico quilted all 4 of these quilts! They make such a great team!!

The next four quilts were made by Nancy in Wyoming  !! They are so lovely!!

This first one was quilted by Diane J in Utah... that woman is a wonder!! 

The blocks on this one were made by Sue in WY, Pieced by Nancy and quilted by Rona in MO
A lot of love went into this one!

This one is made of Blocks from Connie in MN, pieced by Nancy, and quilted by Donna in CO
I love the DNP patterns!!! Such a cool look!

And our very last one - Pieced by Nancy, with a few leftover blocks - and quilted by Donna in CO.
I love this quilt!!

Hope you all enjoyed these lovelies!! They are destined to make our Military love and Smile!

NOW!!! There is a mystery going on - I have paired up with Craftsy and a wonderful quilting instructor!! So I hope you will go check the first step out at Craftsy


marilyn said...

excited for your quilt along. Should be fun :)

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

That last quilt is AMAZING!!!!!!!! The scrapiness, yet beautifully designed.....STUNNING!

Thanks for your weekly motivation.

As for your mystery...I'll be sure to watch along, but with school starting, even I know my limits. I don't know if I can take this one on. :\

Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful quilts... and a lovely warrior who rec'd her quilt with tears, a smile, and the knowledge that so many care...

Quilter Kathy said...

The first photo made me tear up for sure. Thanks for all you do for these dedicated and wounded young people.
You help them to stitch their lives back together.
Hope to join in the mystery and send you a quilt!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts!