Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Morning

We were lucky and had the WHOLE week of Thanksgiving off from school, so it was a fun, goof off time. We spent one day checking out all the stores, just in case we missed something that might need to go on our Christmas list. We (okay I) spent another day cooking, and then there was Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Cooking needed to be done a day ahead, because we had great plans for the morning. Chris ( my trusty horse shoer, and friend), my Dad, the boys, Wrangler Man and I headed out to the wildlife area - and Pheasant hunted. We took the dogs, and it was cold. It was like 2 degrees and the wind was blowing at out house.

Happily the wind was just a slight breeze by the time we got to our hunting spots, and it was beautiful!! But still cold!  The birds were not ready to get up either, but we flushed a few of them. Its a good thing to have dogs, that way you don't have to walk as far (grin)

After our unsuccessful hunt, we headed back to start the turkey and ham and get cleaned up, and relive our misery of missing EVERYTHING that flew by us. Again... I blame the cold. But it was a great way to start the day.

We defineatly earned our turkey, and burned a few calories. The terrain was gorgeous, and the sun was shining.

if you look to the right - you can see the one that got away. I was surprised that I got him on camera, I think I was tripping (over the weeds) at the time.

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving day and week. I sure enjoyed the break from reality, although... I still had to do chores......*smile*

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