Monday, September 24, 2007

organized chaos

......Abounds at my house on football weekends! Saturday was my oldest sons game - they WON! Yea team. And then I got the bug to finish things. I have been working on 4 different quilt tops at the same time ( yes I know stupid) and of course all four of them are at the top stage at the same time, and I want to see them ALL and the same time.....

So glad the Broncos played on Sunday. My Hubby watched the game while I took over the rest of the house. He didn't even seem to notice until it was time to meander to the Kitchen. He just weaved, twisted and turned different directions each time. And never said a word about the amount of "things" on the floor!

One of the tops I can't show you - it is top secret - but this is my floor. This is the heartstring quilt I have been working on . I found 4 wonky star blocks that I had learned to make in a cool class. So thought I could use those as cornerstones. But now I need a border to go in between - so there are three different choices on the floor - I think we are leaning toward the cream with the pledge of allegiance on it. This will be a Quilt of Valor (

And here is the rest of the floor. I have finished all the Wacky Log Cabin blocks and went thru a bunch of my scraps - althought the scrap bin still has enough for oh say another quilt!! So my youngest son layed the blocks out and we have 2 - 50 x 60 quilt tops. I think we will add a border but, will see. DS3 gave me strict instructions to not start sewing them until he comes home from school..!

We left a little walking room thru the tops - and nobody complained or even gave me a hard time - what a weekend!
Hope you all had a good one!


Vicki W said...

What a fun weekend! Love both of the quilts.

Elaine Adair said...

Who woulda thunk that leftover scraps could look so good when they work together! These are both great quilts, but what I'm most envious of, is that huge floor area where you can lay them out!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I love scrap quilts and looks like you are just gong to town on yours! The star cornerstones on your string quilt are really nice. I will look forward to seeing the photos of the finished quilts!

mountain-quiltist said...

You're right....the cows stayed put, but they were some moo-in' fools last night. I don't know what got their udders in a wringer, but they were bawlin to beat the band!

thanks for writing!!!

swooze said...

The quilts are great. I wish I had the floor space to play with but I have furry helpers so that doesn't work!