Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Rockies

I want to share some of the last of the photos of this hike...

I did take over 700 photos - thank goodness for digital. 

My goal in September and October was to  hike at least one day a week. We did pretty good at getting that done, and the places we went just exploded with color and variety!

These are the last I will show you of this particular hike :
Here are the other posts just in case:

It is just amazing to me how much beauty there really is in the world - and if you try hard enough you surely can find it!

I liked seeing the small patches of color as they were changing, they add so much to the mountainside!

This was on our way back down, we hiked up enough to look at this lake and think it was the Size of a quarter - and then you get to it, and its not as small as you think!

This is just to prove that I do really use a camera - My sweet other half thought he was funny and said that no one would believe they were mine, and that I stole the photos from his iphone..... no dessert for him right????

we hiked up to that!!

And would I be me if I didn't leave you with a Black and White photo?

we drove down the mountain from our trail and decided it would be fun to swing around into estes park. Oh man the Elk were out - but these people!
They  schooch up and try to get so close to them
I am not sure they are being brilliant

But it was cool to see them hanging around - I took my photo from my Telephoto lens in the car. I didn't want to bother them .

Now I will start working on the photos from our next adventure.... It took us to the 2 mile high city.........


Sherrill said...

When we used to go camping (oh how I miss those days), especially in Yellowstone, Glacier, Estes and places where lots of wild animals roam. we were ALWAYS SHOCKED at how many stupid people are there with us. People trying to get in close proximity with buffalo, bear, elk, etc. to get a good pic. UGH!!! STUPID! Even more stupid was trying to do that with their kids. You guys really get your exercise while also seeing beautiful places!

Barb Neiwert said...

Congrats on getting out there once a week to explore. So good for the soul! And don't those people know you can zoom in on your photo once you get back home? Nonsense to me why you see folks so close to the wildlife.

Pat said...

Amazing photos, It’s so beautiful there,

Farm Quilter said...

Love your pictures!! So beautiful to see the "fire on the mountain"! Those people are incredibly stupid getting that close to the elk!! You were the smart one!

Kate said...

Beautiful shots! What a great way to get some exercise (though it seems when My Guy and I do the hiking thing, there's a lot of stopping to take pictures and I'm not sure how much of a work out we really get).