Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Find more Time Update

When I posted about Finding More Time and asked for suggestions - you all had great ones!! And I loved them.  I am trying to incorporate them all.....  My middle son - the brain child... said don't forget all the goodies on your phone!

So Cynthia  at Quilting is More Fun than Housework  said she keeps a white board list by her machine to keep track of what supplies she needs to order. SO!! I made a list on my phone! With a reminder. Since my Long Arm is downstairs, and my computer is upstairs - I thought this would be a portable list!!

Vicki  said to think about your purchases and where you are going to put them.... Not to bad!! I made sure I had space for chocolate!!

Terri said to put things back where they belong. Okay - this is a hard one... My family is really good at just leaving things where they are.. But we are trying.

I went into my quilt studio and spent a whole hour just organizing. I do a great job and then all of a sudden A LOT of stuff ends up in my car and I just put it into my *mudroom/entry* of my studio.  So.... I took the time and put everything away and sorted.

Kate  Suggested making at least 15minutes a day and just do what you want, or tackle something 15 minutes at a time.
They are growing so fast!!

I took 15 minutes and re organized my sewing table. Oh My Gosh!!! That was so helpful. I put my projects in order, and then..... on my phone -- I made a list. You can set reminders on my phone, so for each project I set a reminder as to when I wanted to focus on that project. So far so good.  My secret project for our guild challenge - is a lot farther along then it would be if my phone didn't beep.

I made progress on my scrappy log Blocks, AND!!! I am getting some of those scraps tamed!!

So thanks for your suggestions, and thank you to my son for showing me the Lists on my phone!


Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great job getting organized! Soon, some things will just become habit. I need to get my sewing room cleaned up too. I have not been very productive in there lately.

Kate said...

Keeping organized always seems to be a work in progress. Sounds like you've made good progress.

Lisa C said...

Setting timers is such a great help for me. Doing something for 15 minutes seems like such a small thing but if you're focused, then a lot can get accomplished. One thing I do is I get gas every Sunday. A tank usually lasts me a week. I just enjoy starting a busy week knowing I won't have to stop on a day that has less "time" than a Sunday.