Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Questions answered

First off answered...

A few of you ( okay a lot) are no reply comment -ors and I tried to search for your emails.... but I can't find them...

So Scrappy Saturday - each block finishes at....big!   I had to go measure - 19 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches

And many have asked for the pattern: Here it is:

I designed it on my little drawing pad - so please don't mind the messiness.

2. Where is Tales of the Pig?  Well .... this year the boys went back to public school, so Little Bit ddn't have as much time to write with me. He promises to write with me this weekend and share his photos of his pigs. They are cute... and big... and eat a lot... sort of like the other boys in this family.

3. Are you flooding again.? We live up on a hill a mile or so from the river. But we are high enough that if we flood you all better have an ark.... however... there is a LOT of water rushing right now .

4. Can you remind me the sizes of Quilts of Valor again?   55 x 65 to 72 x 90.... anything in between!

Hope that answers the questions that I couldn't respond to.


Magoo47 said...

Thank you for the links you keep at the top of your blog. The QOV 2014 is especially helpful - gives sizes and links to other good info. But the Free Quilt Patterns are great, too! And thanks for mentioning Pig and floods - even if some of us can relate to that more than others ;-)

Anita said...

Thanks for the heart pattern!

Tami C said...

Love your Scrappy Hearts! Very glad to know that you aren't flooding!

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing the heart pattern, your blocks are gorgeous!