Friday, April 04, 2014


My boys all love to fish, so the last day we decided to hike into a lake. However - the big man found a stream a long the way. He LOVES stream fishing.

Being Very Very Quiet.   Not an easy task for my boys... but he found himself a comfy location....

And one found a rock to hide behind. (upper left corner - brown shirt - is the man )

While they sat still the other boy and I hiked farther in. We wanted to see if there really was a lake - or if we had just been co-erced into hiking the tough trails?   I found trees ( surprise!)  But we didn't get to a lake.

The elusive Wrangler Man. I was glad that it was warm and sunny, he might have been a little wet.

There was brush and undergrowth everywhere. It was hard to get a clear shot of any part of the stream, and hard to find a clear spot to even sit. I think that is what made it even more gorgeous.

I found a shell. I did not know that shells were out in the dryland - I always assumed they were by oceans. Anyone know for sure?

My boys goofing around. Notice anything off in this picture?

They were making Middle Bit stand in a hole!!  It made us all giggle, as two of them are now the same height!

Again - some spectacular views!!
And now we head back to reality... did I ever mention how much I like Vacation????


Kevin the Quilter said...

Where are the fish????? Did you all catch any???? That looks like a snail shell to me???

Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Love all the photos you shared. It's a gorgeous place.