Thursday, April 03, 2014

Arches National Park

These may be the last of the Arches National Park Photos.... until I download my second camera....

There is an Arch called the Delicate arch. They have a photo of it 60 years ago and there was less arch, more rock - so we braved it and hiked to the base of it. I hoped that more rocks wouldn't fall... but you know 60 years is a long time... it might have been ready?

First - Me and the boys! If I could just keep us all together all the time!  Well.... Maybe not, they eat a lot!

The oldest runs in the desert a lot, and he was telling us about the Cactus that jump. So I stared at this one for a while. It might have moved!   Check out those thorns though! Can you imagine hitting one of those?

Here we go - this is the Delicate Arch. The left side of it had rocks in it 60 years ago.

And then then fell on the ground.. and they make a great hiding place for a little guy!

This place is called the Fiery Furnace. Cool name. And it really looks like fire!

Just another spectacular view. We just could not believe how far you can see in this park. There is so much to see, and so many hikes. It really is gorgeous. If you like being outdoors - Moab may be the place!
Vicki - if you do go this way - call me!!! I'll meet you at the highway ;-)


Sherrill said...

Did he tell you about the jumping cactus on April 1?!! LOL Guess it's good you went this time of year--it gets HOT in the summer! Ask me how I know.

Tami C said...

Thanks for another round of great pictures!

Terri said...

The last picture looks like the ruins of a castle! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Kate said...

Looks like a fun trip. My Guy has wanted to go to Moab for a while, but it would be quite a trip for us.