Sunday, November 17, 2013

A QOV show for Sunday

We have been busy quilters.... ( and by we - I mean you!)

I want to show off some more Quilts of Valor....  so grab a cup of tea - or if you are me - Hot Chocolate....

This First Quilt is the Craftsy Mystery QOV - I wrote the pattern for it - it is under the tab - Free Patterns

This beauty was pieced by Cathy D in Co - AND - she quilted it!!! It is really fabulous quilting!!! She should be proud!!
 And - the back!! isn't it fantastic?

This is the Mystery again- this time pieced and quilted by Pat R in CO!! I am so impressed with these ladies talent.... if I stand close enough to them - it should spread over to me right?

 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail!!!  

The next two quilts come from the ZoeAnn and the Columbine Quilt guild. She actually brought these to me last month, and they have actually already headed off to be presented to their new owners.... I just haven't posted them here....I blame ... well I don't know who to blame - so we will just ohh and ahh on them NOW!!

This one (below) was really striking to me. I don't know if it was all the variations of the rows - or what - but I Loved it!
 Here is the word panel

This one was made by Kathy N and quilted by Dawna  - It was presented to a Veteran last week - He loved it!

 Check out the backing... isn't that awesome fabric??

And LOOK!!! Some of the blocks from our Block Drive!!  The Blocks and top were pieced by Liz - and she quilted it!!!

And here is another one - Kind of gives you a bulls eye effect... Love it!

And the last Quilt of Valor for this morning was pieced by Glenda in CO - and Quilted by Lois K in CO.
 I think this one just went on my bucket list - these colors.... I think they are my new favorite of the day!!

Hope you all enjoyed today's eye candy!!! Thank you so much for following a long!!


Vicki W said...

They are all fabulous!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt show as usual my friend! The quilting on those first two are spectacular!

Trudi said...

They are all awesome. the quilting is just fabulouse...oh the envy in this little old woman is sinful...and on a Sunday!

Tami C said...

Those are some really beautiful quilts and they are made by such generous people for our veterans. Thanks to all of you!

Impera Magna said...

Gorgeous quilts...just gorgeous! Y'all done good!

Kristi Gabriel said...

Keep sharing. Gets us brainstorming some more.

Terri said...

Always a good show here! Thanks for the look/see.

Terri S. said...

I just came in from a beautiful day in the woods to find your e-mail in my inbox. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the QOV's that you get in. Speaking on behalf of all your visitors, we can never get enough of the inspiration and dedication that we find here. Thank you for all that you do.

Nrhaller said...

I'm amazed with the quilting on those first two quilts. I understand that the tops are the same because it was from a class, but did the quilting design also come from the class? They look the same, but are quilted by two different people, so I'm amazed they are the same. All of the quilts are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Great show. Thanks for all the inspiration. Love the quilts.

Kate said...

Gorgeous quilts! Sounds like most are already in new homes and becoming well loved.