Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quilters Dream Batting Sponsored QOV show

Quilters Dream Batting is our sponsor for today!!  I am going to show you a QOV I just quilted using their Dream Puff batting... I wanted to snuggle in it IMMEDIATELY.... but I didn't, I have self control like that!

Doesn't that just look snuggly?

A word from our Sponsor:
PS... grab a tissue... I promise you will thank me later.... seriously!!

From Kathy Thompson,
Owner of Quilters Dream Batting:

"I would like to thank Alycia for her tireless work on behalf of Quilts of Valor and for inviting Quilters Dream Batting to be a QOV sponsor and a guest blogger.  We are honored.

As guest blogger, I was originally going to write a promotional piece about all the wonderful features of Quilters Dream Batting, .... and how we really really hope you will use and love Quilters Dream Batting :))))

However ….instead... I thought I would share with you my personal story about the special meaning of receiving the gift of a quilt:

At just 32 years old, my beautiful son, Josh, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).   This cruel fatal untreatable disease has taken my kind, intelligent, athletic, hardworking son (can you tell that I ‘adore’ him?) to being totally paralyzed and unable to eat, speak, move or breathe.  Josh’s life (our lives) completely depends on life-support (mechanical ventilator, feeding tube, sheer will, and love).

To help raise awareness of ALS,  we started the annual Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS.   The response and the generosity of quilters donating quilts for the benefit of ALS patients  has been truly amazing.   Since the Hopes & Dreams Quilts for ALS started, we have  sent thousands of quilts to desperately ill ALS patients.   Several participating quilters have called and written telling me that they would like for Josh to receive their quilt.  As touched as I have been at their kind offers,  I felt I needed to avoid any appearance of impropriety and thought it best not to give Josh a donated quilt.

Well... one day, about two years ago, UPS delivered a small package to Josh’s home. There was no return address. Inside this package was a small brown and green lap quilt.  The quilt is tied, it is not pieced.  The quilt front is a single piece of fabric with imprinted verses of religious hymns.  Attached to the quilt was this handwritten note: “Dear Josh, I am 88 years old and I wanted so much for you to have this quilt.  This quilt comes prayers of love, courage and hope… and I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I will think of you every day”.

 When Josh read the note – he cried.

Since receiving this special gift.... except when it is being laundered, this quilt is laying on Josh or beside him. For Josh, this sweet  ‘humble’ little quilt is the most special quilt in the world.   When his wife has gone to ‘fix’ up or refresh their room with bright new colors – no matter what she does - this little brown and green quilt along with Josh – is at the heart and center of their room –the heart of their home and our family's life.     We have no way of thanking our kind thoughtful anonymous quilter.   We can only hope she 'knows' how much her quilt has meant to Josh.

For me ... it is not only inspiring is so sweet and special seeing Josh with this little quilt.   It reminds me of his heart and deeply kind sentimental disposition that is now, sadly, nearly impossible for him to share and communicate.

....So, if you are hesitant in sending in your blocks because you are not confident in your quilting, or you are concerned that the gift of your quilt or quilt block  will not be appreciated or will not make a difference  .. please keep in mind – Josh’s little quilt…. And the joy, comfort and love that your donated quilts can give and the love and care your quilt will receive by someone reminded that they are not forgotten, that they are not alone.

Please join and support Alycia in this wonderful QOV quilt block challenge. The quilts that will be created from this challenge will mean so much to the young military men and women who have served our country and sacrificed so much for our safety and freedom.

 I hope you will send your Quilts of Valor quilt blocks in today!!  "

Remember for every 5 blocks sent in, you get 1 chance to win a variety of prizes. Quilters Dream is offering 2 different prizes. the first is 3 twin size batts, and the second in 2 twin size batts. You will love them all - I promise!!

Donna W in Vancouver WA (28)
Tuesday Quilters from Greene Co. IA (30)
Lori G Spokane WA (20)
Alison N in Cincinnati OH (15)
Diane H in Anchorage AK (50)
Andrea S in AZ (5)
Melinda in CT (51)
Ann G in MN (58)

Just wanted to show you another recipient. He lives about 6 hours from me, and our Arizona Coordinator happened to be driving through! So I met with her in this part of the state, and she met him in another part of the state!!

This is our Vet and his Daughter. He LOVED his quilt.  I was so tickled that this worked out so well!!

Please be sure to visit all our sponsors:
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And to see how to join in the BIG BLOWOUT BLOCK DRIVE head over here: It has a list of all the prizes too.... and blocks turned in by October 30th are eligible - and the drawing will take place NOV 8th  - so get sewing!!


LynneP said...

Okay, so I didn't listen and go get tissues. My mistake-the tears were running down my face. What a BEAUTIFUL story. Thank you for sharing it.

Nina said...

What a great story! Quilter's Dream is my favorite batting of all to use. It works up so nicely.

Kevin the Quilter said...

How touching! I mean, REALLY TOUCHING! WOW! Blessings to Kathy and her family! I can't wait to see how many blocks you end up with! ;-)

Kate said...

What a beautiful story. I continue to be amazed at the comfort the gift of a quilt can bring.

Marilyn said...

I love your blog. It always is so inspiring and todays was very special. It brought tears to my eyes. Bless the lady who made that little quilt for Josh.

Tami C said...

What a touching story! The comfort of a quilt is just wonderful. God Bless the lady that made the quilt for Josh!