Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Patchwork Times Sponsored Quilts of Valor Show

I am hoping that by now you are aware of this wonderful national recognition of Quilts of Valor - it was so cool to see, and I SO appreciate the emails that were sent to make me aware as well.

If you haven't seen it - head over there now... I'll wait ;-)


QOV on NBC nightly news

And now - A Word from our Sponsor - Judy at

"I want to start by thanking Alycia for all she does for the QOV program.  I know that she does it because she loves it but it is a lot of work.  So, thanks Alycia!  Thank you also to those who read my blog, participate in the QOV challenges, Quilt-Alongs and QOV mystery quilt projects.  By the way, I'm planning an intense Quilt Along for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  Details will be posted soon on my blog (

In the early 80's, while wasting away a lunch hour, I walked into a little quilt shop in my home town (Lake Charles, Louisiana).  Having sewn all my own clothes through high school and college, I knew the basics of sewing but knew nothing about quilting.  At that time, it was all hand pieced and hand quilted.  I signed up for classes and was off and running. No one, myself included, would have guessed what a large part quilting would play in the rest of my life.

Some time between learning to hand quilt and moving to Kentucky in 1997, I began sending my tops out to be quilted by a longarmer.  There weren't so many of them back then and I had a difficult time finding a longarmer near me at our new home in Kentucky so I decided I would just get my own longarm.  I started out with a very old short arm and traded up several times and now quilt on an APQS Millennium.

With the longarming, though I no longer quilt for others, along with teaching quilting and writing three books,

 all published by AQS, quilting has been not only a hobby but a career for me and I am so thankful to have been able to meet so many wonderful quilters and to do the things I've done through quilting.

The QOV program has afforded me the opportunity to give back to those who have given so much. Below are pictures of some of my recent QOV projects."

This one is from the New Years Day Sit and Sew- Click here for the Free Pattern
The one above is called Rolling - and Can be found here

This one is  Carpenters Star - and can be found here

Thank you SO much Judy!!!  
Judy is offering a copy of her book "60 pieced Quilt Borders"  and I have to tell you - Its awesome. She has an amazing way of making the most gorgeous borders!!!

SO.... onto the slew of blocks that came in this week:
Martha S in OK (42)
Sharon R in MD (5)
Gene B in AL (5)  Gene blogs at  -oh my!
Barb C in OR (30)
Jean S in NE (20)
Marsha P in CA (30)
Kathleen M in MI (4)   ( ps Kathleen - they are perfect)
Lola S in NE (10)
Sally T in VA (50)  - she blogs at
Nancy S in CO (25)
Debbie B in FL (20)
Judy R in WA (30)
Lori M and Dona H in NV/CA  ( 224)

Anyone want to take a guess as to how many blocks have come in so far?

PS - Check out some of the tops that have been designed so far..

A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors.... and an even BIGGER thank you to all of you quilters!!!  


Bonnie said...

Great quilts. I especially like Judy's simple New Years Day quilt. Hum, it'll be my turn for my block group sometime in the future... I must remember this!

I take credit for Sharon from Maryland's blocks. I was talking it up to her and posting about this great block drive.

Yea for everyone involved in making a block or 20 or more.

Terri said...

I'll guess 1,000 but I think I'm short.

Stitcher26 said...

Thank you for sharing your work. I am trying to get my small local guild on board to make a few QOV quilts as a group. One member thinks we should do signature blocks which I thought was a good idea. Would that be ok? Lisa

Marilyn said...

As always, a wonderful show of beautiful quilts. I am amazed at the dedication you have Alycia.

Tami C said...

You are doing such a wonderful job of getting QOV quilts together!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Thanks so much Judy! I am LOVING the tops you have designed so far with the blocks that have come in! I am gonna guess 3,102?

TLC said...

I love the bright cheery colors in rolling. I can't wait to hear the final tally on the # of QOV blocks! No guess here.

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks, gorgeous quilts!