Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7/10 Quilt of Valor Show

I usually like to get these shows up first thing in the morning... but this morning... got away from us! I had one kid that needed to do a 10 mile run, one needed to do 4 miles, one needed to get to swim practice. AND! they all let me know that we were out of food.... so apparently in between getting them to all that stuff ... I needed to get to the grocery store. They love to see me coming ;-)

So... how about a little evening inspirations?

I hope you will love these Quilts of Valor as much as their Veterans will!!

This first quilt was made by Sandra in Findley OH - Sandra blogs over at  She also sent in a bunch of tops that are now out for quilting!! You will love them too!

 The top picture is a close up of the blocks - below is the back.  I love this back!!! Thanks Sandra!

This quilt was made by Nancy in Colorado Springs, and quilted by Debbie. Nancy wrote the greatest journal to go with it. I know - the journals are sometimes scary - but she told a little about herself - her military history. Her husbands father, served in WWI and her father served in WWII - isn't that cool!

 She also told about how a mystery quilt works. I thought that was cool - a lot of our recipients are not familiar with quilts - so this is good!!
 Nancy also sent some pillowcases - Thanks so much!!

Pat P - who blogs at: is quite prolific this time - SIX quilts came in from her!!! She is also a reader at Patchwork times and is participating in her QOV challenge!

This quilt is named Flower Charmer - Love it!!

This one is called Scrappy Patches. The Cheddar - oh la la... it just makes everything pop!!!

This one is called Boxed Rectangles - There are instructions for this block Here - I love her color choices!

This one is called Modified Rail Fence. So.... to be honest... when I saw it - I thought that it would look great in plaids too!!! ( I think I am becoming a plaid addict!)

Pat called this one Stars. That red star... totally makes the quilt for me!  It is so scrappy I just LOVE it!!

And the last quilt from Pat is called Framed Stars. Isn't it stunning with the yellow?  Pat - you did good girl!!

And from Adele D - My Modern Quilt of Valor maker. whom I adore, and LOVE LOVE LOVE her style!!! Seriously - someday Adele - I am tracking you down and quilting with you!!!

Check out this one from Adele! I swear - I stared at it for a really really long time - I just loved it!!

Those of you who know my obsession - will know that I might have taken a lot of pictures... ;-)

Quilters - these are so awesome!!! They are beautiful and are truly great gifts of love!!! Enjoy!!!


librarylady said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos, very inspiring. I appreciate you sharing. I always get some great ideas for our QOV group.

Barob Book Blog said...

Thank you for the show this week. Every time I find such wonderful inspiration and want to quilt, quilt, quilt! Beautiful work and such great variety.
Stowe, VT

Anonymous said...

Alycia, I love looking at the wonderful quilts on your blog. I know the recipients of these quilts will be thrilled. Thanks for sharing. Marilyn in SC

Ann said...

I love the big red blocks quilt by Adele!

Pat said...

I'm glad the quilts arrived safely and will soon (or are already!) covering our soldiers!

LizA. said...

Mmm, some beautiful eye candy here....great show, as always.

The Quilting Elf said...

Thank you SO much for keeping the show going! Quilters are just so darn creative and this show was a wonderful display, for sure.

PS Glad the kids got fed, too - LOL!
Kathy T. in Tampa

Terri said...

Thanks for sharing all that inspiration. Beautiful quilts.

phxquilt said...

Another beautimous quilt show! Some lucky vets are going to be very happy....

Cher said...

stunning quilts! everyone did an amazing job...I love them all!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am beyond inspired! These are some awesome scrappy tops!

Kate said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilts!

emmy said...

I love seeing the 'quilt show'. As a beginner I am in awe of all the piecing that you gals do.