Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/24 Quilt of Valor Show


To the second edition of the Never Ending Winter show!
Tee Hee
This weekend, I was sunscreening pig, so he didn't sunburn.
Today - his heat lamp is back on... who knew?

Oh well - the one thing I can always count on is the beauty of quilts!!

This sunny Yellow and Blue one was made by Agnes in IL
And quilted by Michelle in Colorado

This cool black and white one was also made by Agnes
and Quilted by Michelle.

This one was made by Nancy E and her Peace by Piece Quilters!! It was also quilted by Michelle.

This one was pieced by Sue T and Quilted by Betty Ann of Linwood NJ
Dear sweet Sandi sent it this way!!!

This beauty was made by Kris B of PA
I love the chain look!!!

And in a wonderful surprise package - 
Pillowcases from the
Pride City Quilt Guild!

Quite a stack!!

Thanks Quilters for all your generous help!!!

You are wonderful part of the healing process,
and you provide a very warm thank you and a wonderful hug!!


Elaine Adair said...

Beautiful quilts of course, but I zeroed in on the sunscreening of the pig. One of my own country memories was Mom placing newborn pigs on a baking sheet and warming them up in the oven -- low heat of course! The ridiculousness of that memory still makes me laugh, but they all lived.

Terri said...

Another beautiful show. Thanks!

phxquilt said...

A wondrous stack of pillowcases and lovely quilts! Your stack of great friends has done it again.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts for a beautiful cause.