Sunday, August 12, 2012


My oldest son ran Cross Country last year for the high school. Somewhere in the early part of the summer my middle child ( who will be a freshman) thought he should run too, so the two of them were practicing at least twice a week. About 5 weeks ago the little guy and I thought that since they were running maybe we should.... the little guy - he, not so much

So I found the Couch to 5K program and downloaded it to my phone. I figured I could do that as the boys ran around me.  The 5K we were ( okay I was) aiming for is September 3rd... it is the Kids for Kyla race, that supports adoptive families. My Cousin had adopted all her girls, and they were honored at the race in 2011....

But then.... the oldest wanted to run a 5K on the 5th of August, and he convinced us ALL to sign up with him. he said it would be okay if there was walking involved.... sigh...

The first 5K was the Life Care one for Alzheimer's ( I know I will spell that wrong!)  And they had  spaghetti feed the night before - The kids ate - I met Elvis!!!  

I queried everyone to make sure someone knew CPR, and that they would watch for me!! I finished the race!  And I did a decent job, you won't want me running to save you though!!  I was not last, they did not need to perform CPR, and I met some cool runners along the way!

So one week later ( ONE WEEK PEOPLE) the High School had their fundraising 5K - again - we signed up. The oldest two kids worked the race, so little bit, wrangler man and I ran.... ugh!!

The night before the race - there was no spaghetti feed - there was Lawnmower races!! And yes that little pink one is a pig!! And she WON!! It was a lot of fun. I even won an oil change for me car ( pretty Ironic I thought - since Thursday I had it changed and was , umm, out of oil!!)

I came home and made our own pasta - so we could be carbbed up!

We arrived bright and early Saturday  morning, to join all the racers, only to find little bit and I had a huge case of the butterflies. We had all sorts of nightmares about being ran over, being left behind.... so we made a plan to stick together for the first 1/4 mile, that way we could be tough together.
After the first 1/4 mile - he left me. My wing man .... left me - but he rocked it. Had a PR for the race. His butterflies carried him to victory!

Oh - ya - these are the T shirts - I was a sponsor. I did that to make sure I would get a T shirt, just in case.... covered all the bases.

Oh - Look - Its flight for life - its like they knew that I was very concerned about the CPR thing again!!! Alas - I did not need them. I ran 4 1/2 minutes faster that the last one, and only cried once ( okay kidding - but it got your sympathy didn't it)

Now we are back to our Couch to 5K training - we just started week 4 of an 8 week program.
I hope that means that the real 5K that we wanted to run seems easy????


LizA. said...

Good for you. I don't think my knees could handle running.

heather said...

Great job! I loved the Couch to 5K program even though it never made me love running. I'm glad I did it.

Terri said...

The weight I carry - all the time - should count for exercize, shouldn't it? If I ran I'd probably break both legs.
Congrats on a personal best! You are improving, and that's the way to go. I bet you get alot more respect from your sons now.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Yay! Throwing confetti in your honor! Congratulations! There's no stopping you now and the best part is that this is something that all of you do together! Couch to 5K...think I'll look into that. You're laughing...I can hear you. :)

Gypsy Quilter said...

You're a brave, brave woman!

Nancy said...

Hi Aliciya, I mailed two QOV to you on July 21 hopefully they arrived in a few days--USPS priority mail. So sorry, I discovered the pillow cases were still in my tote that carried everything to the PO. HOpefully you have at least 2 available. Nancy in W-NY

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh Alycia---I'm wiping away the tears from laughing so hard! You completely cracked me up with your CPR concern!

I'm very proud of you for BOTH 5K's you've done! WAY MORE than what many people (women) have done.


phxquilt said...

Alycia you're an inspiration. but unfortunately I'm way to old to start that stuff now!! Your boys are growing so fast...of course that happens when you continue to feed them.

Just got back from a trip back east for my family reunion. Flew out Thursday afternoon and got there about 10PM on Fri. (We had to drive from Newark NJ to SE Ohio in order to get there!) Does this count as my 5K????? Mother nature didn't want us to get there :-) Had a good time and cam back a day early as the flights were looking bad on Monday.

Kate said...

Wow! Congratulations on the completed runs (and on not needing CPR)!