Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Quilt of Valor Show

Happy 4th Of July!!
Independence Day!!!

Only seems fitting to show you some Awesome Quilts of Valor!!
We have been very busy around here - and I want to tell you 
A lot of these quilts are already comforting our warriors!
Great job Quilters!!

The first Three quilts in todays show were made and quilted by the Trinity Quilters.
Thea is kind of the organizer behind this group!
They are amazing!!

This pastel Beauty was pieced by Norma and Quilted by Ros of

Pieced by Sharon and Quilted by Ros
Love the white center strings!!!

Pieced and quilted by Sharon 
Sharon was a part of Ros's group in AZ, and sadly this was one of the last quilts that she made. I know it will be cherished, as we included a letter with this information.

Another String beauty pieced by Nancy and Quilted by Ros!!

This is the last quilt in the first box Ros sent to me. 
It was pieced by Andee and quilted by Ros.
I am so grateful to this group!!

At my guild meeting a few pillowcases came my way from Joan! 
Thanks Joan!!!

And!! at one of my sons swim meets, we made a little detour and this lovely quilt was handed to me!! It was made by Judy V in Broomfield.  I believe it is her 4th QOV this year!
Go Judy!!

I love the surprise on the back too!! Cool!!

Please enjoy your 4th of July!!


Karen said...

What a beautiful quilt show. Happy 4th.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thank you for sharing, Alyica!
Happy Independence Day.

Impera_Magna said...

What lovely quilts... I'm also so inspired by seeing them!

Happy July 4th to you and yours, Alycia!

Andee said...

Just to let you know Andee (me) made the one, not Angie. LOL happy to send one your way. Time for me to get started on another one! Thanks for doing what you do!

Nancy said...

Another beautiful array of quilts! Great job, everyone.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

I made the last quilt in today's blog and I had so much fun with it. Just a little correction: it is Judy V. in Thornton, CO. I used to volunteer in Broomfield. QOV#5 is almost done on the frame and QOV#6 is sandwiched and ready for the frame, yay! Happy Independence Day to all!

Kate said...

Hope you had a happy 4th. Great quilts as always.