Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Review

We had a very very busy weekend - and we LOVED it.... but glad to be home!!!

Friday found us at the State Semi Final Swim Meet.... this is the big munchkin - getting ready for one of his events......

The relay made it back to the finals - so we headed back on Saturday...this is the whole relay team swimming the medley relay!  Mine is the one diving into the water in the orange cap!

But just so you don't think that we do all swimming all the time.... here we are at a horse judging competition. The kids stand on the ground and judge 8 different classes, place them from 1st to 4th. take a break and eat lunch, then go back to judges and give reasons to them as to why they placed them as they did.  

This is Wrangler Man - he was a horse wrangler - he got to lead horses into the arena for the kids to judge.

That kiddo in the background in the peach shirt - that's middle bit... and the kid in the baseball cap - that's little bit.... intense - right?

And this is just a horse - I love him - I have no clue what his name is, but we became friends, but he decided that getting into my car was going to be a bad fit, so he wouldn't come home with me! But I think that he would fit into my crew real well!!!!


Impera Magna said...

Ahhh.... the over-powering smell of chlorine for hours on end... *lol* I almost miss those days... glad you're enjoying them!

Pat R said...

Good job, Carmin clan!! Whey the judges came back and explained why they did what they did, did Little Bit tell the 'horse handler' that he needs to switch sides when the judge comes around? lol...that's a demerit!! What a weekend you had!!

Denise V. in Aurora CO said...

thought of you all this weekend, especially when we saw the state championships on t.v. --hopefully Maya will bring us there when she's in high school too!

Kate said...

We did the swim meet thing this weekend too, on both Saturday and Sunday. The meet was at a new pool that has all kinds of speical ventilation so you don't smell any chlorine. Drama Teen said she doesn't swimm well without that smell. But she did OK in spite of the lack of her favorite perfume.

Doing a swim meet and horse judging in one weekend has to be exhausting.