Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilts Quilts Quilts and more Quilts from Missouri

Bari - over at My Crazy Quilt life  has sent me some great Quilts of Valor. She and a sewing group spend some time quilting - and this is the wonderful results!!

This one with the 16 patches was made and quilted by Nancy W  . I love it. The various fabrics she used were fun to look at!!

This one is also from Nancy - I think there are some pretty fancy stars in there! i wonder if they were paper pieced?

This third one also came from Nancy. I think she is quite prolific in her quilting! I love them all.

This one was pieced and quilted by Bari. It is the Not so Top Secret Project quilt #2
The pattern can be found

The last Quilt from MO today comes drom Phyllis of the Ozark Piecemakers.  These blocks are pretty cool. They give a real spinny look!

Thank you MO Quilters - these Quilts of Valor are beautiful!! I so appreciate all the hard work that went into them!


Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful quilts... every single one of them! I esp like the "not so secret" quilt... very nice!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Woo hooo. Wonderful!

Amy said...

Beautiful quilts! So neat to see all of the different machine quilting designs as well.