Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilts from Illinois

First off - Thank you so much for the well wishes for my horse. And No - Rattlesnake bites do not ususally cause death, but there is always a chance that the venom will get to the heart and cause a heart attack. Usually after the first 24 hours the risk goes down, but you still watch for 5-6 days. And then there is always the chance that the venom could have damaged the heart and you notice in later years. Sadly - this is our 4th horse to be bit in the last 12 years. The little buggers are sneaky!!!

Mac is looking better - but he still looks like he got beat up!

I recieved a box in the mail - and have been a little slow in showing you the cool Quilts of Valor that came in it. These three quilts were made by Alberta G of Illinois and quilted by Joe F in IL. They are just beautiful.

Look at these colors!! Aren't the bright and peppy - definately for a female warrior!!

This one is made with some of the same fabrics but some others are in there are well. How do I know? *grin* I looked!!! I Love these colors!!

And this last one Alberta sent is totally for a baseball lover! The backing is even apple pie - I guess you could call this the All American Quilt!!

Alberta and Joe - Thank you for collaborating on these Quilts of Valor!! They are wonderful.

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