Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quilters Accountability 9/15/10

This was me on 9/8/2010

Blocks made: Nine Blocks total are made, 3 are in various stages of completion, 56 blocks are needed. Plus the solid blocks in the holes you see on the design wall. But I am not ready to go there yet.

Goals for next week. Finish the three blocks and sew at least 15 minutes a day on the blocks.

This is me on 9/15/2010

Blocks made: 13 blocks, and a few in the almost finished stage.

DId I get the 15 minutes a day to sew? - Nope. And truly - I know better at this time of year, but I figure if I give myself a goal I will try to do it.... I'll just keep trying.

This morning as the horses came in - wrangler man noticed one of them not looking so hot. We had just been talking about the horses we have had bit by rattlesnakes, and that this was the time of year for it. We were reminding the boys that ALL outside activites now require boots because of the snakes. and lo and behold - one of our horses got bit.

Poor dude! He is one of the older, smarter, horses, so I really think this snake just struck at him and didn't rattle at all. When he came in his nose was just starting to swell, so of course, the vet gets called - and then we started icing his nose, and tubing him to make sure he could breathe.

This is him in the first part of the morning. Sadly enough it got worse through the day, and about 4 ish started to go down enough that he could eat. He even has a hard time drinking. I had to ice his nose about every 30 minutes to help keep the swelling from moving up his face. He just looked miserable. It made me feel so bad for him!

Alright, back to Quilty Stuff -

My goals for next week:

• Quilt 1 Quilt of Valor
• Make More Blocks on my Betty Quilt
• Cut out a Quilt of Valor Group Quilt for our Sew Day

That will be pretty good for me! I have to finish 2 other customer Quilts as well.
To see what everyone else is up to head over to Bari's at


Tamera said...

Will your horse survive a rattlesnake bite?

Quilter Kathy said...

It's good to have goals to work toward even if you don't always get there.
Maybe you need a deadline like I did :)
How scarey to have to watch out for snakes...yikes!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a lot of rattlesnakes here, but we do have a lot of copperheads. When I was a kid my horse got bit on the cannon bone of a back leg. Hair grew back in white, which was kind of funny looking!

Normally they get bit on the nose like yours did, which takes a LOT more care because of the breathing and eating issues....

As always, you have had your hands full! Any quilting you get done is a bonus. Can't wait to see your Betty quilt finished! It is awesome.

Will we get a peak at the QOV?

You are doing GREAT for as much as you have going on! Way to go!