Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Quilt of Valor Presentation

There is an organization called Homes for our Troops ( ) and they help provide new and adapative housing for returning vets in many areas. The latest house to be built in Colorado was for Lt Cpl Hinkhouse.

Apparently he had not recieved a Quilt of Valor while he was at Walter Reed. One of the Vets Wives working on this house really wanted to remedy this - so through a few connections - she met me. And I was able to provide a QOV because of all the wonderful quilters that have helped out in making Quilts of Valor.

So here is the video clip of him recieveing his house, and if you watch in the interview, his wife is sitting with the pillowcase with the quilt in it. She did not leave it unattended.

There are also more pictures of the day to be found here:

I hope the links work well - it was a great day, and many happy people were all around.
Thanks to Sandy for coordinating all of these events and for getting attention for Quilts of Valor.


LizA. said...

Ok, now I'm crying. Wow! Thank you for posting those links. Love the lone star quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a gorgeous quilt they!

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful story Alycia. Thanks for including us.

Shari in AZ

Pat R. said...

Just awesome!