Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye Candy

Here is some more eye candy for your quilty pleasure!!! This first quilt comed from Judy in NY. She said she taught a class using the U-Tube method by the Missouri Quilt Company. And this is the quilt she made from it!

Cool - Isn't it?

Next comes 2 quilts from Becky B in MO. She is in my Heartstrings group ( )

Thanks Becky - these are awesome!!! I love the blues. I think I may be turning into a blue girl!!
I am pretty sure that these were made with coins. A while ago Heartstrings had a coin project, and there were a lot of cool results!!

Meredith in CA is a very prolific piecer, and Ron O of New Mexico is doing a great job keeping up with her. Here are  quilts she sent me!

I am pretty sure that this last one is a Disappearing 4-9 patch pattern. I have seen it in a few quilts and really like the way it turns out. I found a tutorial here:
I really really want to try it, but have a few other things on the list first!

Hope you all enjoyed these Quilts of Valor and got a little bit of eye candy!! Maybe even some inspiration!!


Cheryl Willis said...

wonderful 'show', I always enjoy the eye candy, you do a great work!- cw

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alycia,
The last one -- the "plaid" quilt isn't a disappearing 9 patch. It is
a simple strip quilt. You sew a strip set with a wide dark and a narrow dark, wide light and narrow
light in the order you see along any
edge. Then you cut the strip set into strips of the same dimensions you used for your original strips.
Then turn 2 of the strips and voila, you have a plaid block. I make many of my QOV's this way but
haven't seen one set en pointe. I
sent the pattern in to QOVF but don't know if it's on the website.
Elizabeth from Michigan

Stephanie D said...

Love the eye candy! I know I don't say it often enough, but thanks for all you do, Alycia. I may not comment for days at a time, but I read every post and really enjoy it!