Friday, May 23, 2008

What a strange day

we had yesterday... I quilted early in the morning and shut my machine down. Two minutes later the power went out. At 11:30 a tornado touched down to the west of us, in the town the my Sis in Law lives. So I tracked her down and she was up was finding my husband - he was in the town just to the west of the tornado. He was fine too. My Aunt in Law in Laramie was okay too - she had tress uprooted..but she called dh this morning and she is good... so All are accounted for.

About 4:15 I look out east of us and there are hugely dark clouds and a small funnel coming out of it. This I am somewhat used to - but the always go east and dissapate... however this one was moving north, and a little west - in my opinion. So we headed down to the basement and played there for a while. The boys were getting a bit concerned.

Then at 5pm it was sunny and the wind had died down and you couldn't tell it had been a stormy day. And the power came back on!

Now today it has been pretty but the wind is kicking up again - and the clouds are starting to darken, I hope its just thunderstorms and they will move out.
Last weekend we went fishing with some friends for a birthday party - the photo is my guys trying to be serious.... hmmm
Have a great day!


Jane said...

Saw it on TV and tried to think if I knew anyone in Colorado.
Glad you are all safe.

Gina said...

I'm glad everything was Ok . It must have been a bit scary for you and the boys.

love and hugs xxx

Helen in the UK said...

Glad you are all safe.
Tornados are one of the scariest things because there is often no warning and they cause so much damage. Keep safe :)