Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Intro

Today the boys decided it was a great day to go fishing and do some guy stuff... so I had the day ( or 5 hours) to myself. So you know being the great housewife that I am - I decided I should clean and prep food and you know - just be wonderful... That thought lasted about - oh say 30 seconds and I sat down at my sewing table! Much better choice!.

I worked on my Not so Top Secret Project almost all day. I would like to tell you a little bit about this Not So Top Secret project and maybe you will want to join me! You remember the Chaplain asking for 100 quilts for Quilts of Valor for his soldiers? Well I told my mom, and my quilt guild. My mom - well she is dangerous. She gets taken with an idea - and away she runs with it... so far she has recruited about 10 sewing ladies from her church, and has scheduled 3 sew days.

Well we need some quilts to sew, that are not too difficult as they are all at various stages in their beginning quilting careers. So I have EQ6... I should use it to come up with some relativly easy pretty patterns right? The first one I did is a Rail Fence quilt. So I got that pattern all printed out, and have made 4 kits out of my fabrics for that.

So now I need something a little more advanced - yet something that I can't screw up while teaching it, and something that maybe my guild would like to make.... and this is where you come in.. Maybe something that you would like to make and consider donating to Quilts of Valor. And if you were so inspired to let us deliver it for you - that would help meet our 100 Quilt goal...

See now - you never knew where I was headed with that did ya? So anyways - I did design something that is relatively easy, and hasn't really taken me that long so far, and I think looks rather nice. At this moment I am testing the yardage and everything has matched up so far. I think its looking rather nice!

Come back on Tuesday to the blog, and I will be ready to show you my Not so Top Secret Project, and will start posting the directions. It will not be a mystery... I love mysteries but am very very visual so its easier for me to not do that. It will not be broken down in time segments - because I am one of the slowest sew people in the world, but it will be step by step.

I hope some of you will like the pattern and choose to participate. Then if you find anything confusing or wrong with my instructions I will be one step ahead when presenting it to my Moms sew ladies and my Guild.

Have a good one!!!


Ann said...

I've been so inspired by watching your involvement in QOV. I'll do my best to help you with your Not So Top Secret Project.

Lori said...

Wow! I will check back. You go girl! The planting is stalled due to RAIN! I love NY. Really I do.

Helen in the UK said...

Oh .... you're teasing us!! I'll definately be back to take a look on Tuesday :)
PS: Have you considered the disappearing 9 patch as a pattern for your mom's group to try?

Gina said...

I'll join in with you.

We have nothing like your Quilts of valour over here in the UK. I've been thinking of making one or two up and sending them across to you and this will be the push I need.
Who knows,I may use a bit of Welsh flag fabric. A bit of red dragon may go down well. What do you think?

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alycia
I would love to participate in your quilt pattern for you. I make QOV all the time. For the 100 you are aming for, do they need to be finished or just the tops and backing/binding sent to you?
Nancy L