Sunday, April 20, 2008


is the only way I can descibe them. I told you that my UPS driver brought me some quilts made by Pat D. I have had such fun taking them out and taking pictures of them. I just love looking at quilts and I have my own quilt show in my house!!

This is 2 of the seven quilts she sent me for our Quilt of Valor delivery. I think she does wonderful work! My boys and hubby gave each one the seal of approval. I will have to post some more in other posts - I don't know that I have that much to blog about... I get blog freeze when I log in!
I had to have a little procedure done so was flat (okay am leaning now) on my back for a couple of days - and my folks came over. I have one of the quilts hanging up to just stare at and it even got the seal of approval from mom and dad!
While down I have watched two awesome DVD's - I watched Dawn Ramirez's Pajama Quilter, and Mindy Caspersons Longarmed and fabulous.
I decided that watching them would make the best use of my time. And now I want to go try some of the techniques. I always wondered what the
DVD's would be like - and I have to tell you I wasn't disappointed.
It was good of you to visit again(grin). Hope everyone has a quilty week - I am looking forward to a productive one... where I am not on my couch!


Gina said...

I'm glad that you are up and about aggain, just. take care of yourself, we don't realise how important your back is until something goes wromg with it.

love and hugs xxx

Beth said...

I hope you are feeling better today..and standing UP again. Thanks for the info on the labels. I have the stuff on my cutting table, it is next in line. Still waiting on handles for my HQ. If it does not get here soon, I will quilting that 2nd QOV on my DSM! Sore shoulders!

Carole said...

Glad to read that you are getting better. I've always wondered about the pajama dvd. Hum... I may just get a copy. I stopped at the QOV booth. It was nice to see what they were up too! Keep well!