Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Quilts of Valor to show

I Just love these two quilts from Pat. I think the rosebud one will be an awesome quilt for a woman. The chaplain tells me there are about 1 in 10 injured that are women. I hope that typed out right - I know what my brain is trying to say. It has butterflies quilted all over it. It is a beautiful pattern.
Pat tells me that she made all of these quilts and some are from classes that she takes. I bet the teachers LOVE her!

This next one really caught my husbands eye. I think it might be called a Buzz Saw pattern or maybe a delectable mountains. What ever it is called you sure can see the amount of work that went into it. It was a lot!!
I have really enjoyed seeing these quilts!
I picked up one of the 5th grade quilts yesterday after Zac's Grandma bound it for us and as I was walking thru the halls a lot of the kids had to come up and see it finished. They are getting so excited. I have been taking the quilts one by one in as they are finished for them to see. They have a program at the end of April where they get to show off all there hard work - so they are really excited.
Well - I am off to cut some more bindings. I got all the labels made yesterday and 1/2 of them applied. So I guess I better do that too. - Have a great evening!


Beth said...

Those Delectable Mts patterns are deceptively easy. Bonnie has a pattern at Quiltville. try this addy : http://www.quiltville.com/delmts.shtml

Helen in the UK said...

You've made/received some fantastic quilts recently. Keep up the good work :)