Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Photo

I am trying to update my blogger and add a photo of me - apparently I lack computer skills so I am going to try to do it again!

So this is me - I am at a Broncos Raiders Game in Oakland - hence the Black - so I don't get attacked by the diehard Raider fans - yes I am a Bronco fan - the sun sets Blue and Orange here (grin)

Today was my sons football scrimmage - they had fun. He got hot, I got sunburned - and now I am lazy and playing around on my computer. I figured out how to drag it and the phone line over to the couch - and I think I may Never leave!!

My guild has been invited to help out at a heritage day in Greeley and I have been made a chairperson for a day. I am thinking of bringing in lots of quilts, blocks for the kids ( mostly 4th graders) to look at, batting samples, and they will have a treadle machine there. I thought maybe I coud make up some Rail Fence blocks with white in the center and have the kids sign the blocks to be made into a Quilt of Valor - there should be about 100 kids - what do you think? If I just sew 2 1/2 strips together - 3 of them - should be a 6 1/2 inch block......

I got Judy Laquidara's book in the mail Wedesday and it is pretty cool - I think I could make a few of those ( not want - I mean actually do the sewing!) It was a nice thing to have arrive - as I have bonded with my couch this week. DH also went to the library and got Gwen Marstons Liberated Strings book and a quilting book for me to look at. All this inspiration - When I finally get up off the couch I should be sewing for a month!

Okay - well see if I have followed (or can follow) the directions and get a picture in my file of me - that way if you run into me on the street you won't be tempted to run away !!

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