Thursday, September 13, 2007

My life in a Shampoo Bottle

I have three boys - I have three boys who are wonderful, caring, absolutely too fun kids! But I have three boys that are all complete opposites - how can you have three complete opposites you ask? I have no clue - but I have living proof that it can exist! Its here in my house!

So My oldest son comes home from football and want to take a shower - he yells from the bathroom - MOM there is something blue in the shampoo..... mind you the original color of the shampoo was yellow. So I head in there - yep - something is in the shampoo. Call the other boys - okay who put what in the shampoo - Not me, Not me, and Not me - are the responses.

Whoever this Not Me kid is - I DID NOT give birth or adopt it - so he must leave. He shows up at the most inconvienent times, and he is Very messy, eats all the chocolate, and leaves sticky stuff, but I digress. So I go into another bathroom, get another shampoo and let the poor child take a shower. Of course I left the original offending shampoo there in hopes that Not Me would have this guilt over take his heart and come confess....

Dear Hubby comes home and the first thing he hears is - someone put something in the shampoo... now my husband has the ultimate amount of patience - me I just don't care - it looked like a science experiment and I figured it kept one of the boys in the shower long enough to get clean, so it worked! Anyways DH gathers the boys and patiently ferreted out the dirty rotten scoundrel, who came and confessed, and then I hugged him. I said Thanks for telling the truth. His reponse - Mom it was so cool to watch the stuff crystallize - see Einstein in the Making!!

Okay - now this leads to today - they did throw the offending bottle of shampoo in the trash - but they forgot to consider that it is a liqued, and as such it might possibly leak, and drip thru the offending holes in the grocery sacks that we use for trash bags. So when the chore of emptying the trash occured this morning - there was a pretty bubbly trail from the bathroom to the mudroom. When I offered paper towels to the trash taker outer , so that he could clean up the mess - oh boy - He was not happy and proceeded to tell me it wasn't him that did it in the first place, the one who messed up the shampoo should be cleaning and it just wasn't fair. I smiled - and went back to making the lunches for the three boys that eat them..... ( see I am so generous - cooking for others when I don't cook for myself...until noon)

They sat at the counter all grumbling at each other as I proceeded to tell them that they had better have real good jobs when they grow up cuz I am going to bill them for the new carpet, new bathroom floor, and probably a new toilet ..... that made them laugh!! Go figure!

So now - I have squeaky shampooed carpet *grin* and a new bottle of shampoo in the bathroom!
I know this isn't quilty at all - and I have a picture of a quilt for you someplace - I just can't find where it got downloaded - so now I have a good excuse to post again sometime!!

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