Thursday, April 04, 2019

More QOV Finishes

Plus!! A few More Veterans Received Their Quilts of Valor!
This is always so cool to me 
to see the smiles, and the happiness for being recognized for what they have done
Makes a Heart Happy

This QOV below was made by Mary and Sue
I LOVE the Eagle!!

and the back - too cool right?

Sandi taught us all how to make these really cool string blocks
( Its a pattern she purchased for all of us)
and then we made the blocks and she did the setting 
The QUilting!
Is that not Fabulous???

Here is one that Rolland and Marilyn Made
it was Quilted by Joan

and this one was made by Kathy and quilted by Connie

and the back!!

Another Shot of the Smiles
one of the Veterans little boys was taking photos
( you can see his hand at the bottom of the page)
and no one could be serious
He was Just TOO cute!!

Happy Thursday!!


Farm Quilter said...

Gorgeous quilts...both those presented and those of your QoV group!!! Those diamonds are seriously amazing!!! Love the smiles!

Sandy said...

Good work, all you gals! The men look humbled and pleased.