Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mystery L1 Fabric Requirements!!

Oh boy - I hope you are excited!!
and !  I hope this works!

Since the changes in Craftsy I wasn't 100% sure where or how to upload free patterns - so We are trying google drive.  If for some reason this doesn't work in the morning.... Check back - cuz you know I am messing with it right??

PS - thanks for the feedback!! It works - whoot whoot!!

So here is the link to the PDF ( Fingers Crossed)

L1 Clue 1 ( Fabric Requirements) PDF

and here it is typed out for you... just in case I can't make it do what I want it to do!

L1 Marvelous Mystery Quilt Clue 1

Welcome to the new Mystery! We will learn/practice precision piecing, strip sets, folded corners, block units, organization, and value placement. This is not a difficult quilt, but looks more complicated when done.

Fabric needed:
This quilt will make about a 68” x 80” quilt, bigger if you add an outer border (not included in yardage).
LIGHT:            at least 2 yards of fabric
MEDIUM:       14 fat quarters or 14- ¼ yd. WOF. You can mix ¼ yd WOF and fat quarters, just need 14 different colors
DARK:            12 different 2.5” WOF strips
The values need to be distinct. Any fabric- batiks, florals, prints- but do not have wide variations of value in the individual fabric- like white flowers in a dark or dark print in a medium. You can cut a 2” test window from paper to look the value it would be when cut up.

This quilt was designed by Linda Swanekamp

Alycia’s Notes – I used 14 Mediums in plaid… and am keeping the mediums in Blues ( and maybe a green - it was pretty!!)

Here are my Fabrics:

Would you be interested in doing a Linky Party? Next week we can do a Link up to showcase our fabrics that we will each be using on this mystery? You can link directly to your blog post, or IG post??


Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I had no problem accessing the file. It was quite easy. Wonder if I have enough fabric to play along....guess I'll be checking my stash over the weekend.

Libby in TN said...

I was able to get the PDF without any problems. Sorry I can't fit your mystery into my schedule this year but I want to keep the directions for future use.

Jeanne said...

looking through fabric I think I am going to do solids...…….maybe a pearl gray as my background

ginkgokid said...

THANKS! No problems accessing the file at all.
Hope to get back home to my stash and see what I have to make this one!

The Joyful Quilter said...

L1? I was SEW confused... until I read further down your post. Happy (mystery) quilting, everyone!!

Dorothy said...

Got the PDF with no problem. Thak you

Showmethequilts said...

Printed the yardage list no problem. Looking forward to the mystery. Love a good mystery. Thanks so much.