Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Clue #6  ( Essentially the same as Clue #1 - but in a different color way)

You will use your Dark #2 and your Light in this clue
So in my case –BLUE  and White

LIGHT :  White:
Cut  4  - 3 inch wide Width of Fabric ( Wof) Strips

From these strips :
Cut 24 3 x 3 inch squares

And 24 companion angle pieces

I never know what to call these – I think they should be called geese – so that’s what I will refer to them as.  You cut your first one, then rotate the ruler to the other side and cut another – you need 24 of these pieced.

Dark #2  ( BLUE)
Cut 1   -  5 ½ inch Strip  WOF - Sub cut into 6     - 5 ½ inch Squares
Cut 3  - 3 inch Strips WOF

Cut 24 PAIRS of the Wings using your Easy Angle Ruler  ( JUST LIKE YOU DID IN CLUE #1)
I take my strip and fold it wrong sides together., you could also fold it right sides together, but I like to look at the pretty side.   Place your ruler as shown, and cut along the ruler.  Flip your ruler over, and cut on the straight edge.  

You need 24 Pairs of Wings.

Using one pair of Wings, and one of the Geese, Pieced 24 Blocks like this.  I add the right side first to all 24, press, then add the left side to all 24.

They should measure 3 inches by 5 ½ inches.  

Most of them I get right on if my seam allowance is correct – sometimes I need to trim a little on the top.

After you have your 24 Geese made – you will lay out the block like so:

And sew them together.
After the rows are sewn I press – the 1st and 3rd out, the middle in like shown

And when you are all finished – you should have 6 of these Dark 2/Light  Stars measuring 10 ½ inches each.

I will also have this as a pdf in my craftsy store as soon as I can


Kate said...

It's been fun to watch the different blocks come together. Looking forward to the reveal.

Carlie Nichols said...

Ditto, Kate. Love these stars. Carlie