Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Quilts of Valor - November

So... Confession time.... I dropped the ball yesterday at getting to the po and taking Block photos.... I did...

In my other job we run a little Farm to Freezer business - and we had a lot of hogs needing to get to peoples Freezers ..... so I was a delivery driver.... and then I ran out of time.  I am usually better than that - I will blame my customers - they are so much fun to talk to!!

Instead of Blocks - I will Woo you with Quilts!!  How is that?

These are all Quilts of Valor - they are either already being awarded , will be awarded this week ( Friday is a BIG QOV day) !!

This was pretty cool to me - the Vet on the Right received his QOV in Wyoming
he asked about us presenting his Grandfather is a Korean War Vet
So we did - isn't that cool?

On to some yummy quilts
We covered a Womens PTSD retreat - so we make a few extra feminine quilts
Normally this is not a big need - but we wanted these women to feel extra loved ;-)

Left is from the Mollahan Girls - Right is from Rosalie

Left was made by R
Right was made by Doris
Both were quited by Ann W in Colorado Springs

Left was made by Mary
Pattern can be found here : Craftsy
Right is a String quilt from the Girls in Yuma ;-)

And this last one - 
Made by the Mollahan Girls!

Have an awesome day! And make it Quilty!!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

How touching for that Grandson to award his Grandfather a QOV! MOVING! All of these quilts are great, and when are you going to drive to me and deliver me some meat????

Missy Shay said...

That is awesome making one for his grandfather!

Kate said...

Lots of great quilts as always.