Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Quilts of Valor Colorado

I feel like we are still recovering from the High Of Veterans Day - so many awesome Veterans all over the US were honored. I know we do this year round - but for some reason Veterans Day felt like the Christmas of it all!!

This one was cool for me - these are the Veterans in my Church
I can not tell you how nervous I was
We laughed - as I talk to millions and do ok - but these guys -
especially since I knew them - was nerve wracking

and we kept it a surprise
I have a big mouth
It's hard to keep a secret - but they were amazed!

This Quilt was made by Barbara - Quilted by Connie
The block pattern can be found here

Made by Marilyn V a
I believe it is a Bonnie Hunter pattern

Left made by Leann quilted by Ann R
Right - made with MQX block drive blocks Quilted by Connie

Left and Right
Made by Hands all Around

Left Made by Hands all Around
Right made by Marilyn with Wonky Star Blocks Quilted by Connie
Wonky Star Pattern can be found here

Left - made by Margie
Right - made by Lynette
Both Quilted by Connie
Pattern found here:

Hope you are inspired to quilt a little bit now? 

PS - I have updated my Pattern Links to all sorts of patterns on this blog


Kevin the Quilter said...

My QOV hero! You are beyond awesome! you sit on the back row in church? LOLOLOL JK

Gypsy Quilter said...

Yeah team!

Julie said...

Such an outpouring of love toward those that served our country! Just seeing all the red, white, and blue swells my heart. You did well, and made many of us proud. Thank you for your work.

Ranch Wife said...

I have no doubt that you were smashing as you presented these beautiful quilts to these very deserving veterans!

Kate said...

Such fun QOVs. The guys at your church look like they definitely had a good time.

The Joyful Quilter said...

SEW many wonderful QOV quilts!!! Your posts are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us.