Friday, September 06, 2013


I found a Photo A Day Challenge, and thought I would participate. Each day there is a new prompt, and you are supposed to go photograph something that you think of that fits that prompt.

You can find all of them - up to date here;

I have to show you something funny though.... I love Sports Photography. It is not posed, it is not planned, and it's fun to get the action shots. Sometimes though - even I laugh at what I capture.
The kids in the blue are my school - the one up front is Little Bit, and right behind him in Blue - is his buddy - J.  This is the first year for both of them running Cross Country. I tell you - these kids Crack! Me! Up!!!

Just a quick plug - If you are ready for Family Pictures - especially for Christmas Cards... now is the time to book your appointments. I am in Northern Colorado ;-)  Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year!


Terri said...

Thumbs up, Alycia! I'll enjoy your photo challenge.

Kate said...

Those sports cameos can be so much fun.