Tuesday, September 03, 2013

August Photo challenge

I realize this is a lot late - but I just stumbled across this blog - http://plumandjune.blogspot.com  and it had a photo challenge on it - here . And it intrigued me.

I do a lot of finished quilt photography, getting pretty good at rodeo photography, doing some family and senior photography.... but never really thought about fabric.

I jumped at the challenge. Okay I thought about it for a bit, and then tried to figure out what fabric I should photograph. And then of course, in my crazy mind, started dreaming about quilts I could make with the fabric.... it was a never ending circle. Good thing my buzzer for the pizza rang!!! I might still be playing in my fabric!!

Here is what I chose:

aperture f/9  - shutter speed 1/25s
So- I think we are supposed to do a little analysis.... This one above, I set the aperture and shutter speeds to see what I could come up with. I think I got the colors right, but I didn't quite like the angle  - so I got a little lower.

f/9  1/25s
 I like this one better,(above) I think I like seeing what the works say, and that some of the colors are drawn out.

f/5.3 shutter speed 1/60s
So - On this one, I changed the aperture. With a smaller aperture, your focus narrows - and you can tell this as the fabrics in the back loose their sharpness.

f 4.5  shutter 1/5s
 So - this one.... its too dark!! I think that both of the settings were too low....  so I lowered ( makes no sense to me - but thats what I did) the Fstop, and slowed down the shutter speed - and look - Blurs..... Isn't that funny!

f/2.5  s 5s
So go check out plumandjune if your interested in the photo challenge. I didn't link up for august, but am interested in seeing what's up for September.

Oh!! and check this out - its a september photo a day prompt :  Here are my photos


Kevin the Quilter said...

You DO realize my fine arts training is in photography......right? Of course, I completed that before all of the digital craze, so I am pretty much ancient in the realms of photography! LOL

Kate said...

Fabric can be so hard to photograph. You got several good photos.