Monday, October 11, 2010

The Amazon

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has an exhibit on the Amazon.

Amazon Voyage, Vicious Fishes and other Riches.

And they were said to have an Anaconda, which, myself, being such a great fan of snakes (gag) and other gross stuff was just begging to go.....   So we did. And we went first thing in the morning, so we had the WHOLE Amazon to ourselves for about 1 1/2 hours. We even had our own security guard - he was from Montana  - Hi Jim!! It was cool!

After we exhausted ourselves in the Amazon, chasing fish, and stingrays, and snakes, we headed over to Exploration Health. While we were there in the science station - they had an opening. Very rare. so we got to do some experiments - we look cool huh?

Of course, since we drive lots of country roads to get to a main road, my poor car picks up some bugs.! My sweet boys washed it for me! While I got to sit on the deck and drink a glass of tea.... and point out the spots that they missed!

I survived the Amazon?? Have you?? 


Tamera said...

It would be fun to be near a major metropolitan area when you homeschool (for the museums, etc). That's the only regret I have about living "in the sticks."

But, I can let me kids out and allow them to roam and explore, so it's a good trade-off.

Anonymous said...

The museum is COOL! I bet that snake freaked you out and the boys loved it....LOL. What fun you all had!