Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quilt of Valor in the MQX Booth

I got to go to MQX in New Hampshire and there was a booth for the Quilt of Valor Program. The group organizer asked if I could bring a quilt that the 5th grade kids had made. So I asked them and they were waaaaay excited. We took a vote and this is the quilt that they chose to hang in the booth. I got to carry it on the plane and deliver it in person to Jackie.
We also had a photo album with tons of pictures and quotes from the kids. Mrs Dillard made that up and it was wonderful! The quilt and scrapbook got lots of compliments. There was a picture of me helping some of the kids in the scrapbook. As I was walking into the armory one day a fellow quilter - who I did not know - asked if she could give me a hug and talked to me like I should know her. I was slightly embarrassed - that maybe I should have known her but was on the wrong planet.... turns out she knew me from my picture, and now.... I do know her ;-)
This weekend has been really nice weather and we have been working outside. I got the first sunburn of the year. Usually I never burn - apparently I was too white this year - the sun attacked. So I am applying Aloe Vera very liberally and wearing jeans from now on!!

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paula, the quilter said...

I went to a comedy show Sat nite & the opening act (redhead Irish gal) said "Grandpa told me that a sunburn was God's way of telling me to be inside a pub". The Irish can be so irreverent.