Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Mystery Quilts of Valor

These are still tops - but the quilting will begin soon - we have a delivery date planned - I am on a deadline - and of course as with all deadlines..... I find a way to procrastinate! Okay I am really eating lunch - but how long should that take??

This quilt is the mystery quilt top too It was made by Cecelia -
and of course my quilt holders are on the job again! The next one was made by Cecily - it will be bound with the blue and white stripe fabrics - I think that will look very cool. There is one more from this group - The one on the left was done by Gayle. I just love how all of these turned out - I have three more that were given to me all ready quilted and BOUND ( yay) So I will get my trusty quilt holder back in business and get those photos taken.
Have a quilty day -
I have seen on other blogs people saying what they are grateful for - I like this alot - it gives everyone a positive look on life I think -
Things I am grateful for today:
1. The laundry is done and we all have enough socks.
2. My kids love to help me pick out fabrics - its kind of a fun family thing.
3. The quilts are getting closer to done for delivery!


swooze said...

Lovely quilts! Lovlier quilt holders! Give them a hug for me from Texas!

Lynn E said...

goodness you have been very busy. how do you have time to fit everything in and do a blog.

Jeanne said...

Quilts of Valor is a terrific cause. Your quilts are great. My quilt guild makes quilts for them, also.