Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Half Square Blocks TWENTY THREE

 Alright - if you are like me, you are cooking today, or prepping pies... or something - so that keeps you from all other chores.... while something is cooking ... you can whip up this block ... right? haha!!

We are not doing the large family gathering... just the family I have... but that is 6 people - so you know what... Pumpkin Pie, and Turkey is definitely warranted!  and we do have a lot to be thankful for!! 

on to the block!


I am really having a lot of fun making these blocks Two Colored
There is no reason why I am doing it - I just am
and actually was pretty excited to find 8 pieces of the same fabric in my 5 inch square bin!

Kat mocked these up for us!
and she labeled what the were.. so I hope I get them right!

This is rotating the block a half turn each time you place it

This is just the straight set of the block
( I kinda like this one the best)

This is all on point

and this is on point
and you will choose your setting colors

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. My family doesn't know this yet - but we are hosting our own *Family Turkey Trot*  ! The dog and I have mapped out a 5K course on the ranch, made sure the gates open the right way for our turns... and we are earning our Pumpkin pie!!


Rebecca Smith said...

I love that you’re having a surprise 5k! My family wouldn’t be a fan, so I warned them. I’ll still probably walk alone

Delighted Hands said...

This one is a bit trickier to see a rhythm but I like the mock-ups to help visualize its worth!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Have fun on the Turkey Trot, Alycia! That's a really cute idea. What an unusual HST arrangement you came up with this week. You are SEW creative!!

Lilac Joan said...

The first one you showed you said you like it best. I did too. I immediately thought that I would name it "FROG LEGS". I might have to do this. Thank you for a neat block.

Karol said...

I agree on your choice and also really like the last on point one with setting triangles!

Thanks for all you do.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


WeedyMama said...

I like the last setting the best. I see whirling flowers, and if it were done in two colors in one block, and two different colors in the next, they would stand out more. Or alternate setting blocks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You are a blessing.

Michelle Churchman said...


Happy Thanksgiving!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Happy Thanksgiving. My guys (just 2 of them) went and played disc golf this morning.

Kate said...

Hopefully all your dinner plans and your Turkey trot went off well. It's been fun to watch all your variations. I need to go back and look at all your versions. I need an 8 inch block to finish Unity as my fabrics don't work well in Bonnie's version.