Friday, October 30, 2015

Starry Night for Josh

This Quilt is now finished!!

It is called Starry Night for Josh. Josh was in the Army, Stationed out of Ft Riley, and was in Southern Afghanistan when his helicopter was under Enemy fire. He and 5 others did not survive the crash. Josh's parents are wonderful friends of mine. His Dad served in VietNam. I met them when presenting Quilts of Valor to Josh's Dad - and we have become forever friends.

I thought that maybe by creating a Quilt of Valor in Honor of Josh would remind them that my family does think of him often. He was a wonderful man.  I ran this as a mystery on the blog and now the pattern is in my Craftsy Store.

Starry Night for Josh

Here it is:

You will notice that it is not bound. And That my dear friends - is because I have a wonderful group of friends here that will bind it for me, as they know that bindings... requires a Lot of chocolate or
I go into anaphylactic shock.... it's true!
 So you may see it again - when it is bound - but I am quite proud to have finished the quilting on it

I used swirls and spikes - to give it the look of wind.

I sort of pictured this quilt as what I thought Josh would see from the air. And being a pilot myself, I pretended it was me....the twinkling lights of homes, the stars in the sky, a big star to guide you .....

Okay - I use my maps and coordinates - but pretend with me ok?

And that is my finish for this week!

PS - if you enjoy doing my mysteries - I am hosting the next Mystery Quilt in a Yahoo group called Mystery Quilts 4 Military.  You can join in - the next mystery starts November 14th - but Fabric Requirements might just leak out here in the next couple of days..... Hint Hint

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KaHolly said...

It's beautiful! Josh's family will be honored at this fine tribute.

Barob Book Blog said...

Hi Alycia,
My Starry Nght for Josh is at the long armers now and I am excited to see how it turns out. I have one question- I used to be on the quilts for military on Yahoo. Do I need to 're-enlist'? I love doing your Quilt alongs. Thank you and have a spooky Halloween.🎃

Missy Shay said...

Your quilt turned out great. I love the pattern!

Michele said...

That is really wonderful and I'm sure it will bring them lots of comfort.

Kate said...

It's a beautiful quilt. When you described trying to look at it as what a pilot might see from the air, I could see that. Wonderful pattern.

LizA. said...

Now you're making me feel like such a slacker.....I found all the parts and pieces for this as I was clearing off a table in my studio......guess I have no excuse for finishing it.....