Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015 and the Wonky Star Block

Good Morning!!!   It is still dark in this part of the world... it feels like it should be really early, but alas- one of us forgot to set the alarm.....and it's not as early as I think.... but still dark .

The Wonky Star Blocks have started arriving!!  ( I have another stack that I picked up last night on my way home from guild!)   You can find the Pattern and details

On this top wall 
Blocks from left to right 
Suzanne from Sutton AK
Debby from Pennsauken NJ
Kristi G from CO
Maria from Tuscon

All (ALL) of these 
came from Jane in AppleValley MN

These are all so fun you guys - I am having fun checking them out
Our sew groups are making them too - were all having a good time!

Just a reminder - all blocks need to be in by Nov 11th if you want your name in the drawing for
Drum roll please

The Fantaboulous Vicki Welsh
has created two Stash packs for us!!

This one is Citrus Grove

and this one is
Ocean Currents

All of you who have sent in blocks - your names have been entered in the HUGE BAG and on November 14th we will draw to see who wins these beautiful Fabrics

In the meantime check out her shop!!

So.... lets check out a few quilts of valor okay?
( I don't want you to leave me yet )

This beauty was pieced ad Quilted by Crystal S
She is here in CO 
and I love her!

This beauty was Pieced by Kristi
and Quilted by Crystal
Kristi is one of The Busiest Ladies - I never know
how she can make so many quilts!

Another pieced by Kristi
and Quilted by Crystal

And the last one for today 
Pieced by Kristi
Quilted by Crystal
( see I told you she pieced a lot!!)

I will leave you with another Veteran
Proudly showing off his Quilt of Valor

It never fails to amaze me at how much a Quilt can bring out the Love
They are full of Super Powers - and then when they find out
that they are so selflessly made - ...Wow - the Awe factor

Go Forth and Quilt!


Sherrill said...

Ooo, I see mine, the 7 in upper left first photo..YAY! Have to tell you a story. Was joining some friends at a tea room and there was a truck parked outside with a bronze star license plate! We were talking about it when the guy came out..I asked if that was his truck and he said yes. I asked what he did to receive the bronze star and he proceeded to tell us he was shot 12 times and saved the lives of 400!!!!!! We talked much longer but in the end I asked if he'd received a QOV and he said no. I asked if he'd like a QOV and he said yes!!! So I've got another QOV to make--YAY!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea, Sherrill. Aren't connections between individuals fantastic and inspiring!

Kate said...

Lots of fun Wonky Stars. I'm going to stitch on mine till next weekend then send you however many I manage to finish.