Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

It's another beautiful Wednesday.... and you know what that means..... more Quilty Inspirations!!!

Let's just start with the smiles shall we?  This is at an event for Combat Veterans Cowboy Up  This is just a fantastical program to help our Veterans with PTSD - so it was an honor to attend - and to present a Combat Veteran a Quilt of Valor..

Now this smile - it is going to make you head right over to that sewing machine isn't it?
She was just delighted with this quilt!!!  ( Sandi and Karen - this is one your Mom made)

This is one of the two that Patti in MI made - quilted and all!

This is the second one.
 I took a photo of them next to each other so you knew I wasn;t confused
( that happens some time lol)

The Next Three Quilts come from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. That is just a fantastical museum - if you ever get to Golden - you need to go there!!

Both of these quilts are going to be presented to some Women Combat Veterans. We have a retreat coming up - hosting 60 veterans. So I am excited, these will be perfect for women!

This is another from RMQM

This wonderful Disappearing 9 patch came from the Meanders Quilt B
in Marietta GA!!  Beautiful!

This Quilt came from Miscellaneous.... I'm not sure if it was passed off to me at a meeting, or came through a Quilt shop - so if you made this one - please let me know!!

The last Quilt for today comes from the Craft Box here in Colorado. I love string quilts - and isn't this one awesome?

I'll leave you with one last smile for today...


Joyce said...

I enjoy seeing the QOV photos. Thanks for sharing.

Terri said...

Some really beautiful quilts... and smiles.

R & E said...

Beautiful as always - both the quilts and the smiles as well as the Thank You for their service.

Patricia said...

i so appreciate your sharing of these quilts and especially all the smiles. i am an army brat and know very mamy vets who fought in our wars. these smiles make me happy. yes, i contribute to our vets here in florida, i just don't get to see the smiles.
patti in florida

The Joyful Quilter said...

Those are some GREAT quilts and some HAPPY service members! Really love the thought of making a black and white quilt with red binding for a QOV. Keep up the good work!!

Jo Stauffer said...

Alycia, you are so faithful in your service to our Vets through QOV! Thank you so much for your continuing care and service to them and us with these postings. The smiles are soooo great!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful smiles and beautiful quilts. You can tell that they are so happy to receive their QOV.

Kristi Gabriel said...

The last pic is from our creatively ambitious Althea Casper, Columbine Quilt Guild.