Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Yesterday I went to the University of  Northern Colorado Softball game. These ladies stitch with us at least once a year to create QOV's - so I thought I would go support them.   Let me just say - They Rock!!

It is quite strange though - going to an event where everyone you know.... is on the field, or in the dugout.  I sat with strangers.  They didn't stay strangers for long. A gentleman asked me why I was there - so I told him that I was a part of a foundation called Quilts of Valor and that Coach and the girls worked with us often.  He was impressed.... and then he started telling everyone. Too cute.

Alright.... ready for some weekly inspirations????

This first one - Little Bit and I pieced as a sample for our Sewing Days, and Middle Bit Quilted it. He used stars on it - looks great!  The free pattern for this block is here:  Flag Block

I showed you this one in an individual post - it was made by Little Bit.

This is another Allegiance Quilt ( you can find all the links under Free Patterns)  Pieced by Janet - quilted by me.

This yummy string/scrap Quilt was made by Helen O and Melanie P of the Adams County Quilters.

Here is another one that Deb P Put together using the MQX Block Drive Blocks - it was Quilted by Dawna

The next FIVE quilts were made and Quilted by Anne S and Helen.  They are machine quilters and also go to Arapahoe County Quilt guild - It was so fun to take photos of them showing them off!!

They did a great job didn't they!!!

Want to see a few smiles?
I know it always makes my heart happy to see the looks on their faces as they wrap in their quilt.

It's amazing to hear the deep sigh of .... ahhhh.... love.....    They are finally wrapped in Love.

Enjoy!! Go forth and quilt!!!!  


Vicki W said...

I look forward to this post every week!

Sherrill said...

Ooo, I love that giant zigzag quilt. Do you know approx. what size the individual 1/2 sq. tri's are? Looks like a quick, visually striking quilt.

Ranch Wife said...

I love that the boys are a part of your QOV mission - you are making it a family affair. And look how much y'all are getting accomplished! You're going to need a trailer to haul all of the quilts you make a receive!

Kevin the Quilter said...

So cool the boys are quilting with you! Does my heart good! Love seeing all of the veterans faces snuggled in their quilts!

Terri said...

You and your boys made a beauty. I love that there are strawberries and stars in there. The other quilts are grand, too, but the smiles are the best...

Kate said...

Beautiful smiles and gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing both.

Pat R said...

I never get tired of your weekly quilt shows and the inspiration I get from them!