Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Our Thanksgiving Holiday began on Saturday the 22nd.  My oldest son came home, my husband was home - so we started it with a bang - A Quilt of Valor Presentation

Here are a few images:

 There were quite a few Veterans.... And they were so excited, and tickled, and talkative.... it was hard to round them up for a group photo.

But the quilters, the spouses, the guests - they persevered...

My son got to a higher location,,,,

Guests got to higher locations:

And dear sweet Kathy B - she is the master of the panorama.... she succeeded!!!

Nineteen.... That is how many Combat Veterans you welcomed home that day. Nineteen!  For the first time - hearing Welcome home from Civilians.... Yep.... It was an AWESOME day.... even though I lost my voice.... and they made fun of me....


Here are more Quilts of Valor in process....

This one was made by the whole group - we made those Churn Dash blocks using the Missouri Star You Tube Video - kinda fun ;-)   I Quilted it.

This one is made by Cowboy Bob. He played in the Orphan Block Bin. I have named him Master of the Orphan Block - he thinks I am a dork.. I quilted it with Baptist Fans so all the blocks would shine

These are Block Drive Blocks - put together by Dee and Quilted By Mindy M in the Springs area.

This one is made, quilted, bound, and washed!! By Marsha G in Paoli..  She and Elenna came to visit me, they brought quilts - I like them!

This is another one that Marsha Did.

The next two are made by Elenna. She quilted both of them!! Cool Quilts!!!

The final Three Quilts were made and quilted by Marsha. I think we hooked her!! She and Elenna came to our sew day, and the also got to present a quilt. It was really awesome!

I know I am supposed to post winners today - but I have made an executive decision - it will be Tomorrow!  I want you to absorb all the yumminess today!


Kate said...

That's quite a crew. Love all those smiles. What a great way to kick off Thanksgiving.

Toni Stanek said...

I love what you do. You really inspire me. I might have an opportunity to do something for the vets at my work, but am not sure how to get the volume of quilts done like you do.

Terri said...

That's how you lost your voice... I was wondering. Great cause. Great quilts, as usual.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight! Gosh, these posts choke me up!

Vicki W said...

I love seeing photos of veterans with their quilts!

Alicia Key said...

Awesome, all of it!

Kevin the Quilter said...

That's a lot of quilts at one time! Great job! I love seeing the presentations!

Anonymous said...

As always, the quilt show is fabulous. Love all the smiles from the veterans when they receive their quilts of valor. What an impressive sight. Beautiful display of quilts.
Thanks for all you do, Alycia.