Saturday, September 20, 2014

RSC Scrappy Saturday - Orange

Orange is the color of the month for the RSC Scrappy Challenge... and yep - I am behind ;-)

I think that when school starts it takes me six months to getback in the swing of things! Oh well...  My progress - ... I found my Orange Scraps! That means the work can begin.

Here are the two projects that my scraps came from:

I won't even begin to tell you when I made it - as it is still not quilted......

And then from the scraps of that quilt - I made this one:

And yes - I did quilt this one! I even put a little butterfly in the corner.

For more RSC challenges head over to:  and see all the wonderful Orange projects..

I leave you with another wild animal we found on my Moose hunt.  This time when I yelled Moose... this little guy froze ...So I shot him ( with my camera - scared you didn't I?  tee hee)

Have a great Saturday!!


scraphappy said...

Beautiful oranges -- love that little butterfly in the corner of the white quilt. So happy looking! I completely get how long it takes to get back into the swing of things when school starts. I'm hoping to get there before it ends again in June.

Terri said...

Moose! love your orange quilts, especially the second one. I really admire the free and easy looking quilts, I just can't seem to do it.

Claudia said...

Love the little Chippers !

Andee said...

Way to put those scraps to use!