Monday, September 01, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited to Participate in the Around the World Blog hop .... such a fun concept. It gives you ways to go backwards to the people's posts about themselves and to go forward to another blogger. What a great way to get inspired and maybe even find a new blogger you click with!!

I was invited by Amy over at

And will introduce you to my two invitees at the end of the blog post.

What am I working on?

Well.... that is a great question!!  I seem to have that QDD bug, and have a lot of things in process right now. Since it is also Design Wall Monday  - I will bear all and show you my design wall... ready?

This is the first half of it. I made all these crazy blocks, and now am working on the setting of them.

This is the other half... a Quilt of Valor. My goal is to always make/quilt at least 12 Quilts of Valor a year.

And the other thing I am working on - Photography. I am also a photographer. (I even have Prints for Sale )
I do family/senior photography as well. What fun that is!

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
Alright - this one is tough for me. Remember that QDD?  Sometimes I follow along with others in their creation process, sometimes I have to take off on my own!  I am a Machine Quilter for Hire so most of my time is focused on making sure that my Clients are taken care of, so my piecing comes later. Which come to think of it, may not differ than others at all!  Hmmm.... Maybe you know how I differ?

Why do I create/write what I do?

Easy peasy - to Inspire!!!  I want everyone to know that what you create is perfect - even if it is not!  It is all all a learning process, and a creative process. Did you start a pattern and have it differ? That is called design inspiration, and its all good!!

I also want to let everyone know about this amazing philanthropy - called QUILTS OF VALOR - maybe you have heard of it ;-)  I really love this organization - and I love that the hugs that are received by a quilt can really change lives.  I try to provide patterns , block drives, finished quilt inspiration, and show you ways to jump in.... at any level!

Who am I?

I am the mom to these three knuckleheads, and wife to their daddy.
I am a machine quilter... That is always a fun one. People say oh - you knew quilters your whole life right? That's why you got your machine. And I laugh and say no... I bought the machine first, then really learned to quilt!  ( I made ONE quilt prior to my machine, and I purchased the machine to finish that one quilt... go figure)

I was looking for a photo of me, apparently I am hard to find.... but there I am - in the pink!

 Let's see - I bet you can't guess what I am doing here?

Enough about me, I am getting uncomfortable.... the bloggers that I have tagged to continue on in this Around the World Blog hop are:

   Pat and I met through blogging, and I am so glad. I think we would make a lots of mess in real life!! She is a phenomenal quilter - and i LOVE seeing all that she does. I think she might like hockey a little bit too !

   I also met Bonnie through blogging. She is another amazing quilter. She is a part of the QM scrap squad and has so many amazing quilts.

Both ladies are also Quilt of Valor quilters - so we have that in common!
Go check both of these bloggers out. 



scraphappy said...

What a nice post about your quilting process.

Bonnie said...

ah, thanks Alycia. You do wonderful things and are so dedicated to the QOV cause. I'm starting to think about what I need to write about next week. Eek. The pressure is on!

Lara B. said...

Alycia - that was a fun read! I loved learning more about you! Way to go Girl with your QOV endeavors!
You keep a lot of balls juggling in the air at one time. It's pretty amazing to me!

dq said...

Thanks for linking me to your post. It is a great example of how to do the World Blog Hop which I need to do soon. Now I know how.

I love that you do Quilts of Valor. It is a great organization.

Missy Shay said...

I enjoyed your post!

Kate said...

Your work is more improvisational than most quilters. Like your design wall this week. You are able to work with a few free form blocks and turn them into fun quilts.

Holly Elam said...

As a mom of three boys I know how hectic life can be. Thank you for your QOV quilts. I am also a wife of a retired Captain. I know the soliders love them. I bet you are always taking the pictures. Same here. God Bless.