Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The weekend events

This last weekend found us at National High School Rodeo events.. and you can bet I brought my camera!

My nephews compete and it was a great chance to go watch them and see Wrangler Mans Parents and just hang out.  But!! That means that you are in for a LOT of photos.

Did I tell you I am taking a computer class with one of my sons? And that he is brilliant? And that I understood the "Hello and Welcome to...." and then I just smiled?  

I actually love the class and am excited for my son, but the last hour of the day....my brain hurt - so I edited photos.... which leads me to you! My friends! My appreciators of my photos.....  ( at least pretend you do okay? okay!)

So... they have saddle bronc riding,,,,

I am pretty sure that you could not PAY me to do this!!

Especially if this is how you get off!!

This is my Brother in Law and Sister in law... they are so cute ;-)

These cowboys are so serious in the box ( that's my nephew - he is cute too)
 He and his team roping partner had a fun run....

This is my other nephew... and yep - he is cute too ;-)  

Can you imagine not falling off when your horse stops like this?  Amazing!

Wrangler Man says this is the way to get off! That he was doing an excellent job...high praise from my man,

I only have like 400 thousand more... maybe I will dole them out one post at a time for you ;-)

at least you know they are all edited, as I have another day of Computer Class to go.  


krisgray said...

Awesome action pics! Thanks for sharing your weekend.

Ranch Wife said...

Awesome shots, Alycia! I love that you and your son are taking the class together.

LizA. said...

Wow - you've got some great action shots there. Not ever having been to a rodeo, I can claim total ignorance of the whole thing.

But, inquiring minds want to know what your computer class is about?!?!

Terri said...

Good pictures! You must have a great camera to get those action shots. Mine would never do that.

Kevin the Quilter said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEHAW! Ride'em cowboy! I think I will stick with my girl Dixie!

Kate said...

Great action shots! Those are so hard to get!