Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!

Before I get to the show.... REMEMBER THURSDAY starts our ALLEGIANCE Mystery Quilt
The Fabric Requirements are here:

I also put a handy dandy little tab at the top of the blog called Allegiance... so you can always find the info!

Ready..... Set.... Go!!

This soldier above - he really wanted a quilt with an Eagle on it. Jessie C from LA sent me a quilt with an Eagle smack in the center of it... so I tracked him down. That smile... is beyond genuine.

That;s me on the far right... I don't know what I can tell you about this photo - other than - smiles... are contagious!

Made by Jackie S
Quilted by Loretta W in LA

Another by Jackie S - and Quilted by Loretta

Star quilting LOVE!

Made by Al Lind
Quilted by Alycia ( me)
 I had posted this quilt earlier just as a finish for me... and I mentioned that Al had been a prisoner of war. Many of you were shocked, but you knew of Al... So I thought i would introduce him a bit here. Al learned about Quilts of Valor from June Moore and she taught him how to make these quilts. He turned into a piecing machine!! A lot of us were blessed with his tops. I am slowly going through them, as I want Al's Legacy to be in the front of our minds for a long time,

Al was a POW at Stalag IIB and Stalag IIIB. He came back to America on the Liberty shp in June 1945 - after being held 23 months and 11 days. Can you imagine? Al drove an M7 ( a tank) under fire his M7 took a shell hit and exploded.  He was captured along with the other men and they were marched to Sicily and then took a raft to Italy, then handed over to the Germans. And taken to the camp. His story fascinates me ;-)
Made by Barbara W
Quilted by Alycia C

The back of Barb's

Pieced and Quilted by
Marilyn W of CO

Made by Sally T

Columbine Quilt Guild
Arvada CO

Columbine Quilt Guild

I tried to put the captions under the quilts this time - so that They all stayed together...


Pat R said...

I always enjoy the Quilt Show on Wednesdays, but this one is just special! Thank you, Al....what a wonderful person you are!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, all wonderful!

Miss Carol said...

I'm in for the mystery quilt!

Florence said...

i love your happiness,,,,,,,,,,,,,to much no happiness in this world,,,,,,tks for your support and loving thoughts and posts

Florence said...

love your positive and happiness thoughts,,,,,,,,,,,keep it going,,,,thanks for all you do for the veterans, and all the quilters, also

Kate said...

More gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing a bit about Al. He sounds like an incredible guy.

The Quilting Elf said...

Great show and thanks for sharing the fascinating story - we all must remember the sacrifices.
Kathy T. in Tampa

KaHolly said...

As always, my favorite kind of post! I always look forward to seeing the Quilts of Valor! Wow, Al! Hearing about you really makes my day!