Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 6/25

We had our Greeley Sew day last Sunday and it was fun. We have less people in the summer months, but the ones that came were full of energy!! It is so fun to stitch and talk and get so much done! I finished Clue 2 of Allegiance.... its a great quilt.. How many of you are doing it?

So... Hope you will sit back and enjoy today's Quilt of Valor show!!

 This quilt was pieced by Connie of Loveland - out of the Moda Just One Star Blocks - and I quilted it. I had fun. Connie is an excellent piecer!

The next 5 quilts are from the Amelia Island Quilters in Florida... I met up with one of them in Fort Collins - of all places!! She was out visiting her former hometown and of course, we met at a quilt shop... It was SO much fun!!!

 Didn't they do a great job with this panel? I sure love to see how people use these!! This is a great quilting group - and they get a TON done!!

This one was an all Marine Quilt. And funny story .... the day that I received this quilt, I also received a request for a WWII Marine to be presented a Quilt of Valor.... I think it was destiny!

Isn't this the Sweetest Man? His wife was just so tickled to have us honor her Husband - and what a man! He served during WWII - he was a navigator. Oh my gosh - the stories!  He was so sweet.

I sure appreciate all the support Quilts of Valor gets - and Amelia Island Quilters... Thank you!

This next one ( below) is from Crystal S in Denver. Crystal is one my longarmer friends - and she is awesome!! Isn't this a beautiful Quilt?

This one ( below) was pieced by the Columbine Quilt Guild and was quilted by my dear Ellen P in Denver. Someday I am going to quilt like Ellen.... seriously - you should see her talent!!

 Below is the back - awesome right?

This next quilt was pieced by Deb. So Deb... she is amazing.. she takes orphan blocks and makes works of art out of them. I am so glad that she was drug along to one of our sew days...

It was quilted by Dawna - another of my longarmer Friends. Dawna is a Panto designer - She just opened an online store where you can find her cool pantos....  Dawna's Design Threads    ( the pattern below is one of hers)

This lovely quilt was pieced by Jayette in MT  - and it is gorgeous!!  You all probably know how much I love plaids... Oh boy... this one went on my bucket list!  ( I have one on Pinterest!)
 it was also quilted by Dawna!

The next two quilts are from Paula. They migh tnot look like Patriotic Quilts of Valor - but I am going to tell you - these will be LOVED!!!  We have a womans group - that will be having a wonderful Women Veterans meeting. We wanted to honor them for their service, and we also wanted to honor them as women.  These two quilts are a part of the group of feminine quilts that will be presented to them! I SO appreciate Paula for stepping up with these lovelies!!

You all - I know I tell you how important these quilts are... but I just can not tell you how much! They are so loved, and so important in so many ways - as an honor, as a thank you - but most importantly as a hug!  So thank you for all your support. I truly appreciate it. ( I do!!)


KaHolly said...

You have such a group of talented, giving women working with you. The quilting that is being done on these Quilts of Valor is very inspiring. Your pictures are all lovely, but that last one says it all!

Judy V. in Thornton, CO said...

Not only are they quilts of valor, but they are also quilts of love! Thank you for sharing the heartwarming pictures and your words.

Magoo47 said...

The smiles on those being honored say it all!

Anonymous said...

Great quilts for an even greater cause. We all need to thank our veterans!

Terri said...

Great showing! So inspirational. Love that last smile! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful as usual! I just had to say that I "kitted" the big star one (second in your show I think) and brought it with me to my beach house earlier in June. It is one of the qov tops I plan to piece this summer. Also thanks for the link to the new designer site. Gonna go get me some new pantos. :)
Kris in PA

Anonymous said...

As always, a wonderful display of beautiful quilts of valor and seeing how the receiptants are so happy to receive one is so good for the soul. You have some great people helping you make them. Bless you all.

Tami C said...

I absolutely love seeing your blog and all of the inspiring photos that you share with us (especially that last one). God Bless you Alycia!

phxquilt said...

The sparkle in the last smile is enough to make your heart sing! Thanks for the joy.