Sunday, January 12, 2014

Colorado Quilt Council

Here in Colorado - we have the Colorado Quilt Council - it is a statewide organization that started about 35 years ago. And there are around 1,000 members - of which I am one! They host amazing meetings, the Capitol Quilt show, Quilt a Fair and more.

One of the projects that takes place within CQC is Project Warm Hearts, it is a project that the whole council can participate in. They publish, in the newsletter, a block for members to make, and send in to be made into quilt. The Quilts are assembled and Quilted, all by member of CQC. When a member sends in their blocks they include their charity of choice and then they draw from all the entries for the winner of these great quilts.

The purpose of this project is to give the members of CQC an opportunity to be involved in assisting other organizations with their fund raising activities.

Carol S of Highlands Ranch CO put Quilts of Valor's name in the drawing for this quilt. It was pieced by Martha J, and Quilted by Bonnie K, and Bound by Kathy D - all members of CQC.

And here is the Quilt:

I believe a lot of the quilts are used for fundraising - but I believe this one would be loved in a Veterans life -

And quite fitting - Look who came to visit yesterday ( before our horrible winds came) FRED!!! He is back!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Cool! That's a great quilt, and how appropriate for Fred to pay a visit!

Kate said...

It's a great QOV quilt. The border fabric works so well with the blocks.

The hawks have been hanging out on the telephone poles here in town. We don't get a lot of eagles here.

Jasmine said...

This quilt is so striking. I am sure it will be much appreciated.